Holding a cup of pipping hot chamomile tea in one hand, and a buttery Pain Au Chocolat in another, I was having the time of my life walking down a charming neighbourhood in Paris, taking in pretty sights around me when I stumbled upon a brocante – a french flea market.

It was a hot summer afternoon in 2011 when I was on a three-extended-to-five-extended-to-eight-month study trip in France. I gobbled down my Pain Au Chocolat in one big mouthful and joined the crowd, looking through the long stretch of messy make-shift booths selling crazy pretty vintage everything- it was simply mind-boggling to see so much history in front of me!

I found myself, soon enough, with my own stash of vintage paraphernalia acquired over numerous trips to the brocantes. Over the years, even after returning to Singapore, I continue to make frequent trips to France to source for prettier and more unique pieces as my eye for vintage sharpens. Have a peek at my collection!

Styled Story is born to satiate my passion to acquire the old world charm, to craft and to be hands-on with details and all things pretty. Our styling arm brings vintage items that were once forgotten to life right here in singapore to continue their formal glory.

I hope you will join me in my journey and that we will be part of your story!


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