Vintage Guest Well-Wishes Package

$380 SGD

Have you ever wondered how it is like to have your guests type, instead of write, their well-wishes to you?

VOILA. Our Vintage Guest Well-Wishes package offers you and your guests the experience of the yesteryear, where they get to type, and 'snail mail' their love and wishes to you - perfect for a vintage themed wedding.

The package includes:
- 1 functional vintage type-writer
- 1 1940 revamped French Post Box with its original skeleton key
- Paper and envelopes x 80
- Vintage stamps x 80 (we are serious about getting them to 'snail mail' their wishes to you)
- Pens (for those who still prefer writing) and stick glue
- Stack of old french letters for decorative purpose
- Clear set of instruction

The package also includes delivery and collection. Do note that we do NOT provide set up* for this package. Hint: Get your entourage of brothers and sisters to help you out with it!

*Set up is available with a $200 top-up