Wedding at One Rochester | Vintage Carnival

Last October 2015, Miss Tam Chiak or Maureen Ow married her prince in a beautiful wedding held at UNA at One Rochester. As expected, our favorite Singapore food blogger made impeccable choices for her special day starting with a fun and inspiring vintage carnival theme and Styled Story had the honour to style it for her!

Like most weddings, first impressions are of the entirety of the event but we feel that what makes a wedding spectacular is the myriad of details that come together in glorious perfection so the guests and wedding entourage enjoy an enveloping experience from start to finish.

Some of the styling details included the tablescape with pencil topped handmade paper pinwheels reminiscent of whirling pinwheel games common in country fairs and European carnivals. We matched the paper pinwheels with customized Bingo cards and place cards that were hand-written in modern calligraphy for each and every guest.

Also placed on the table were pretty flowers in vintage cans, unique green vines seemingly floating across the tables, and lovely glass bottles filled with corn kernels as wedding favors. It also served as a thank you card with the tag “ Thank you for popping by!”.

The entrance to the reception was a hand crafted vintage signage that made a perfect backdrop for Instagram moments among the guests with dainty lace buntings, huge pink and white latex balloons provided by Give Fun. Guests were provided with authentic vintage carnival tickets shipped from the United States that were printed with unique numbers and tagged with a packet of confetti. The tickets also formed part of the entertainment as special gifts were raffled out before the end of the day.

Other interesting details added to create the carnival feel were the hand painted section plates, use of carnival names like carousel and ferris wheel, and a brightly-colored food display with an stunning wedding cake.

It was an amazing day for everyone. Planning and styling the pre-wedding pictorials and the wedding reception was a joy because Maureen and Chuan Kai dove into the spirit of the vintage carnival theme with enthusiasm and passion that’s very typical of Singapore’s most loved food and travel blogger.

Photography: Multifolds Photography
Overall Styling and Props: Styled Story
Balloons and buntings: Give Fun
Bouquet: Fiona Treadwell
Gown and Suit: Bridal Veil
Car: Volkswagen Centre Singapore (Alexandra)
Wedding Planner: The Wedding Concepteur

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