Wedding Engagement at The Marmalade Pantry Singapore

In April, we had the chance to be part of Ser Xing and Yueh Phern’s wonderful wedding engagement at The Marmalade Pantry at The Stables! The gorgeous couple wanted something different for their engagement and requested to make it more intimate for their family and friends. After some brainstorming with the couple and the florist, With Every, we came up with some quirky and fun ideas that we hope would make the wedding memorable for the guests!

Upon arrival, the guests were greeted with hand-crafted escort cards, each with their name beautifully written in calligraphy! We added some water color splatters to the escort cards as the bride loves colours, especially the colour red.

Nothing makes communication more fun and out-of-the-ordinary in today’s digital age for the wedding guests than using the traditional way of writing letters! The well-wishers were provided with dip pens, nibs and ink to write their congratulatory messages; they then sealed them in mini envelopes and post them through our very own French La Poste post box.

It was something different for the guests who playfully compared their calligraphy handwritings with one another, and nostalgic at the same time for those who missed writing letters.

WE HAD SO MUCH FUN planning this wedding and a big part of it came from the crafting opportunities Yueh Phern and Ser Xing entrusted us with- they made us fall in love with art & craft again with all those water colouring, wood painting, calligraphy, and chalk art!

We were invited to celebrate, wine and dine with them after an afternoon of set-up and man was the food at The Marmalade Pantry awesome (writing this blog post at 1.35am now is making us hungry)! Really grateful to have worked with this sweet sweet pair who are one of the nicest couples we have met thus far. Not sure if you guys would get to read this, but have a great time you two love birds in The States! Jelly much :\

Photo Credit: Bobby Kiran Yeo
Florist: With Every


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